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What’s New At GRID Off-Road!

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! It’s hard to imagine that it’s already been a year since we made our grand debut at last year’s SEMA Show! With the 2016 SEMA Show already next week, we’ve been working behind the scenes to get our wheels on some of the hottest rigs you’ll see at the biggest automotive aftermarket show in the world! But we won’t have our own booth this year, but will have many of our wheel styles on numerous projects and customs around the show, including the majority at the big DUB LIVE! Expo right in front of South Hall. We’ll also be collaborating with DUB on their SEMA party, so you can be sure that the recap is going to be how awesome the party was!

And don’t forget that we’ll be hosting our Grand Opening at our all-new headquarters in Anaheim, CA on Decemeber 3rd, which will feature gourmet catering,drinks, live music, celebrity/TV coverage and more!

So even though we don’t have a booth,  we will be debuting a few new products for both our GD and GF collections. For our GD Series there will be new, dynamic finishes, as well as custom color finishes and bolt patterns/offsets. Each will wheel wil lbe CNC milled detail enhanced and ahve a max load of 3,640 lbs.

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