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Blog/Unlimited Off-Road Expo | GRID Off-Road

Unlimited Off-Road Expo | GRID Off-Road

Right after The Mint 400 in Las Veags, we packed up and headed south to the Unlimited Off-Road Show & Expo March 11th-12th at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX. The two-day event is the largest off-road show in the nation and allows event goers the chance to meet top brands in the industry, while checking out some of the hottest builds around. Throw in some entertainment like the bigg off-road obstackle course, racer lounger and parade and more and you’ve got a weekend full of fun! While out there, we showed off some of our whee styles, incluidng the new GD7s and GD8s, as well as our new UTV Performance Race Wheels, which include both 1pc forged and 1 pc forged beadlock styles for all your toys.

DSC06879 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-1 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-2 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-3 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-4 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-5 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-6 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-7 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-8 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-9 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-10 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-11 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-12 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-13 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-14 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-15 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-16 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-17 GRID-Offroad-Unlimted-Offroad-Expo-2017-18

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