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Blog/Top 5 Toyota Trucks on GRIDs

Top 5 Toyota Trucks on GRIDs

Every truck enthusiast has their presence when it comes to makes and models. Some are hardcore American, rooting for Chevy and Ford, while others prefer International makes like Toyota. We’re keen on all truck makers and love dressing them with a set of some cast or forged GRIDs. We really don’t discriminate and have slammed a set of GRIDs on practically every truck model available these days.

However, if you prefer Toyota trucks (Tundras, Tacomas and the like), we’ve got some rig inspiration for you! The Toyota name is associated with reliability and their Tacoma truck is one of the most reliable on the market! Even after having thousands of miles on them, the truck still holds its value  and runs great (with lots of TLC, of course). In reality, all Toyota trucks have a reputation for lasting, which is why many lean toward them when looking for a new truck to buy.

Toyota trucks already look great straight from the dealership, but there’s nothing like a new set of wheels to really amp up exterior looks. We have a wide variety of Toyota wheels for you to choose from, ranging from cast (GD collection) to forged (our GF line). It really just depends on your personal style preferences and the wheel size of your rig! Here are some of the best Toyota rigs sporting our off-road wheels!

1. GF4

The great thing about our Forged GF off-road wheels is that they can be totally customized when it comes to finishes, making them great for show vehicles. Plus, they come in a wide range of sizes. These GF4s really make this Toyota Tacoma tower above the rest!

2. GF3

These GF3 forged off-road wheels provide a unique look for this meaning Toyota Tundra. It’s the perfect addition for a bold look!

3. GF19

Although the 4Runners is technically a SUV, this rig still made the list for its sleek look on GF19 GRIDs! Like the Tacoma and Tundra, the 4Runner is a favorite for its reliability and extra room!

4. GD4

Our cast collection is popular among truck enthusiasts for its versatility and price point and these GD4s were finished to match the Tundra’s bright blue exterior.

5. GD2

For an everyday work truck, this Tundra benefits from some GD2 black milled off-road wheels that give it a stylish look for hitting the pavement.

If you’re looking to purchase any of our \forged off-road wheels, message us at to locate a dealer near you or message us on IG (@Gridoffroad). You can purchase the GD cast collection right from our site!

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