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Blog/Top 5 Rigs Wearing Bronze GRID Off-Road Wheels

Top 5 Rigs Wearing Bronze GRID Off-Road Wheels

The great thing about off-road wheels is that you can personalize them to your liking. From the specific wheel style to the finish, buying truck wheels or Jeep wheels is all about personalization. While some might stick to traditional black rims when it comes to customizing their rig, there are the bold few that want something a bit less conventional. If this is the case, bronze truck wheels are a great option. The bronze finish complements a wide range of vehicle colors and can match any specific theme for a standout look. At GRID Off-road we love bronze rims and have laced a few on an assortment of rigs. Here are a few of our favorite rigs wearing bronze GRID Off-Road wheels! Which is your favorite?!

1. GD15

Nothing says rugged more than a Jeep on bronze GD15 GRIDS!

2. GD6

Riding your favorite trails is a stylish adventure when wearing bronze GD6s.

3. GF7

While our cast GD wheels look amazing in the bronze finish, so do these Forged GF7s!

4. GF0

Turn a regular work truck into a masterpiece with some GF0s in a bronze finish!

5. GD3

Get down and dirty with some bronze GD3s.

If you’re digging these bronze finished wheels, let us help you find a dealer near you! Simply email us at and we will locate a GRID dealer near you! Also, if our cast GDs catch your eye, you can buy them directly from our site!



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