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Blog/Top 5 Jeeps On GRID Off-Road Wheels

Top 5 Jeeps On GRID Off-Road Wheels

The Jeep Wrangler platform is one of the most notable in the industry. The off-road vehicle has seen a huge rise in interest in the past two decades, especially after its 4-door model was unveiled in the mid-200s. Factor in the popularity of aftermarket parts and the Jeep Wrangler is one of the top customizing rides on the planet.  It was the “IT” vehicle to customize (and still is with the JL and Gladiator now in the mix) as many sought to make it their own using both exterior, interior and performance enhancements. Straight out of the dealership, the Jeep Wrangler is already pretty nice, but because the aftermarket industry is filled with such amazing parts, how can you not wan to enhance the Wrangler and take it to new heights?!

We’re guilty of doing this and have dressed quite a few Jeeps in our day and we’ve rounded up some our favorites!

Jeeps were made for rolling on the beach and this two-door rig from Dalto Shop Miami is riding on GD4 GRIDs and driven by some beautiful ladies!

Priola Motors transformed an ordinary Jeep JK into a beast! The new Jeep now goes by @Scatpackjku and features some impressive mods, including a set of 26″ GF4 GRID-Offroad wheels!

The great thing about the Jeep Wrangler platform is that there are infinite ways to customize it! As the most popular 4×4 on the market, there’s no shortage of Jeep parts, allowing you to dress it up just the way you want it. Sure, the exterior wrap draws your eyes on the Wrangler, but it’s the slew of mods that really make you say, “Wow!” The Jeep sports new Fab Fours armor for a distinctive look, Nexen Tires, Xprite Lighting and a custom Roadwire inteiror. To set off its stance, we slammed a set of GD9s on it, which more than deliver a tough look!

A serious Jeep Wrangler with lots of attitude by FAB Fours rides on a set of GD1 Matte Black GRID Off-Road wheels.

We headed to Daytona Beach for Jeep Beach and FAB Fours brought out a few of their Jeep Wranglers on GRID Off-Road wheels, including their Mall Assult rig on GF7s!

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