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Blog/Top 5 GMC Trucks On GRIDS

Top 5 GMC Trucks On GRIDS

When it comes to trucks, GMC knows how to build one. Owning a truck isn’t just about having a workhorse and no one knows this better than GMC. They not own build utility-based trucks more than capable of getting the job done, but also luxurious rigs that look and ride good. GMC’s high standards focuses on comfort and a quiet cabin, using high-end materials to make their trucks desirable for drivers of all backgrounds. With durability, capability, versatility and customization at the heart of their truck lineup, all that’s left was to accessorize the models and that’s where we come into play. We’ve outfitted several GMC trucks over the years and here are some of our favorites! So if you’re looking for GMC truck wheels, here’s some wheel inspiration.

1. GMC Sierra 2500

The Sierra line of GMC trucks is popular for its looks and abilities. We’ve added some forged GF0s to the mix for an aggressive and sleek look that can’t be beat.

2. GMC Denali 2500

The Denali group sets the standards for what a luxury brand truck should be. This Denali already has a great exterior, but add some GD12 GRIDs and you’ve got a rig like no other.

3. GMC 2500

Want to really stand out while riding high? Do a sky-high lift and some GF3 GRIDs in a bold color like a candy red finish.

4. GMC Denali MegaCab

Some Forged GF4s make this Denali look amazing thanks to its burnt orange finish against the green exterior, resulting in a begged-to-be-noticed exterior.

5. GMC Canyon

Get some shock value with bright yellow GF4 GRIDs against a matte grey exterior like this Canyon!

Whatever your preferred truck wheel style is, we’ve got you covered. We have a wide variety of forged truck wheels and cast truck wheels to choose from. So if you need a new set of shoes for your GMC truck, definitely check out our wheel collection. For a dealer near you, email us at or DM us on socials!


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