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Blog/Top 5 Ford Trucks On GRID Off-Road Wheels

Top 5 Ford Trucks On GRID Off-Road Wheels

There’s no denying the fact that Ford trucks are popular. Their F-Series is always a favorite and we’re a huge fan of them when laced with our wheels. They’re so popular that for the past 38 years, the Ford F-Series rigs have been the Best Selling trucks in America. Maybe it’s because they have sleek exteriors that are built tough or are built to perform. Whatever the reason is, the Ford F-Series also launched an important trend in car buying in America as more and more consumers looked to purchase trucks instead of cars. A truck was considered a work horse rig and only bought because you needed a truck. But thanks to Ford’s rigs, a truck was now a lifestyle choice.

Like cars, a truck’s appearance is now an extension of its owner, which is why the aftermarket industry for trucks just keeps on gaining traction with new products hitting the market every year. Wheels are one of the most important personalization accessories for Ford F-Series trucks and here are some of our fave Fords on GRID Off-Road Wheels.

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What’s bolder than a Ford F-250? One that’s dressed by Bulletproof suspension (12″) , with KING shocks, ATLAS leaf springs and stomps the road with a set of 28×16 GF2 GRID Off-Road wheels wrapped in Furry Rubber!



Check out this Ford F-350 standing tall and proud on GF17 GRID Off-Road wheels as it has a bit of fun in the dirt!


As the first Ford F-350 Superduty and overall rig sporting GRID Off-Road wheels and accessories, this black with red accents GRID Off-Road truck has some serious attitude! The truck was first unveiled at last year’s SEMA Show in our booth and is laced with 24×15 GF1 wheels and GRID Off-Road accessoires – inluding a grille and side steps – all in a brushed red finish. Visit to see more of our Forged wheel styles!


When Dreamworks Motrosports got their hands on a Ford F-250 for Minnesota Vikings DT Linval Jospeh, they knew they had to dress it up in style! They customized it with a lift kit, custom painted GRID GF2 Brushed Blue wheels wrapped in Gladiator X-COMP M/T tires and many more mods!


Riding high in a Ford F-250 rocking a set of GF2s wrapped in set of 42″ Interco Super Swamper Bogger tires – a world debut at the 2018 SEMA Show in collaboration with Stryker Off-Road Design!


After scoping out these high rollers on GRIDs, it’s time to get some wheels for your own rig (Ford or not). Whether you’re looking for forged wheels or cast wheels, GRID Off-Road has a style for every taste! Make sure to check out the site and let us know if something caught your eye so we can direct you to a dealer near you (just email

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