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Blog/Top 4 Chevy Colorados Wearing GRIDs

Top 4 Chevy Colorados Wearing GRIDs

While the Chevy Silverado might be the golden child in the Chevy truck lineup, don’t underestimate the prowess of its younger sibling, the Chevy Colorado. The mid-size truck is great for those who aren’t feeling the full-size truck or a large SUV. It’s rugged and reliable, which is appealing for those looking for a work horse truck or weekend warrior rigs. The Chevy Colorado is a solid daily driver that can handle its own on the trails, too. And thanks to appealing exterior design and a comfortable and tech-filled interior, it’s an amazing rig for anyone looking for a pickup at a great price. Of course, adding a new set of truck wheels will add to the overall exterior styling of the Colorado and we’ve dressed a few! Here are some top Chevy Colorados wearing some GRIDs…which is your favorite?

1. GF6s

This bold white and blue Chevy Colorado has a matching color scheme going on here and those blue GF6s match perfectly, don’t you think?

2. GF10s

This work horse Colorado benefits from a mean set of GF10 GRID Off-Road wheels!

3. GD3s

This Colorado is trailblazing on some cast GD3 GRIDs!

4. GD7s

Weekend look a lot better when riding on some GD7 cast GRIDs!


If you’re looking for Chevy truck wheels, GRID has everything you need! We offer forged truck wheels and cast truck wheels in a variety of fitments and finishes. Personalizing your Colorado is easy when you add a set of GRID Off-road wheels to it. You can email us at for a dealer near you or purchase a set of GDs right from our website!

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