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Blog/Things To Know When Buying Off-Road Wheels

Things To Know When Buying Off-Road Wheels

As a reputable off-road wheel company, we want to ensure that all of our customers are well informed when it comes to buying off-road wheels. We know and understand that your rig is an extension of your style and personality, so you obviously want your truck rims or Jeep rims to reflect those personal desires and tastes. At GRID Off-Road wheels, we always take pride in ensuring that we craft stylish and quality off-road wheels for customers who work hard during the week and player harder on the weekends. It doesn’t matter if you ride in some lifted Truck or a mall crawler Jeep, we make off-road wheels for all sorts of trucks, Jeeps and SUVs.

Because we get loads of emails and calls about things to know when buying off-road wheels, we figured we might as well provide customers with a special post that explains a few tips on the subject. We understand investing in off-road wheels is a personal preferences and want to make sure that customers have a better understanding of what sort of rims they’re buying for their rig – whether they’re cast wheels or forged wheels. So here are a few things to consider when looking to buy a new set of off-road wheels (which we hope you’ll choose GRID Off-Road) for your Jeep, truck or SUV.

Buy From A Reputable Off-Road Wheel Company

Always make sure that you’re purchasing your off-road rims from a reputable company in the industry. You don’t want to purchase your off-road wheels from just any company you find online. GRID Off-Road is one such company and we’ve been around for a while now. We have been in various magazines and have dressed countless SEMA and show vehicles. There are tons of online posts that back up our amazing off-road wheel quality. Buying rims from a reputable source provides you with some peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry about getting a defected product that’ll hinder your ride quality and look.

Cast or Forged Off-Road Wheels

There are two types of off-road wheels – cast and forged rims. The difference in both is how they are manufactured. GRID Off-Road offers two different wheel types, including cast and forged off-road wheels. When choosing your off-road rims, you’ll want to decide on how they look and the type of function you want. If you’re looking for everyday wheels that are better for commutes and everyday wear and tear, cast off-road wheels might be for you. They are cheaper than forged off-road wheels, but still very stylish and functional. They are readily available sooner than forged wheels (which take longer to manufacture). Cast wheels are blank, so you can choose from a variety of offsets (conservative or aggressive).

Forged off-road wheels feature more finishes than cast and come in more widths and diameters ( you can choose bigger wheels and wider wheels for aggressive stances and custom builds). You’re able to paint the centers, inners or outers of the forged wheels to match your rig or build theme.

Plenty Of Styles

When it comes to wheels, you want choices! Everyone has different style preferences and that’s why we hav so many truck and jeep wheel styles to choose from. Making sure the wheel company has a huge selection of wheels really helps! Brownie points if they offer a wheel builder (like we do), so that you can see the different styles on your rig before you purchase them.

Price Range

You want to make sure the wheels you’re looking for aren’t too cheap or too expensive. You’ll want to look for affordable off-road wheels that work with your budget. But of course, if you have the funds, you can splurge on a set of forged wheels, but if not, some everyday cast looks will definitely look great, too.

So now that you know more about truck wheels and Jeep wheels, it’s time to purchase some new GRIDs for your rig! We have our Forged collection, which has tons of options to choose from (not to mention finishes, too). Our GD collection is part of our Cast styles, while our GF is our forged offerings.

Now you know what things to know when buying off-road wheels! Not sure what you want or looking for a GRID Off-Road authorized dealer near you? Email us at!


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