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Blog/The Black Pearl Ram 2500 | GF17 | GRID Off-Road

The Black Pearl Ram 2500 | GF17 | GRID Off-Road

The great thing about GRID Off-Road forged wheels is that they can be slammed on an everyday driver for a stylish commute or some massive SEMA build that’s meant to break necks like this massive Ram 2500. Nicknamed “The Black Pearl” for its loud wrap and exterior, this Ram is anything but ordinary. Complete Customs is known in the customizing scene for some impressive Jeeps and trucks and this one is one of their best!

This beast of a truck was built to be shown at the 2018 SEMA Show and still impresses years later on its set of forged GF17 GRID Off-Road wheels. While “The Black Pearl” boasts a slew of different mods, it’s the GF17s wrapped in Fury 42×15.50R28 tires that really set off its sleek looks.

These 2-piece forged wheels for Ram trucks feature forged aluminum center cap designed for exposed hardware, are TPMS compatible and come with custom backspacing/offset. Available in 20″,22″ 24″ and 26″ sizes, the style of our GF17 forged truck wheels won’t disappoint.

The Black Pearl was also features in an issue of LFTD & LVLD (check it out below).

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