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Blog/Marshmello Ford 6×6 |GF22 | GRID Off-Road

Marshmello Ford 6×6 |GF22 | GRID Off-Road

The famous producer and DJ Marshmello just got a new Ford 6×6 customized by the Diesel Brothers. The 6×6 dressed in black as delivered by the Diesel Brothers to Marshmello and his manager, Moe Shalizi. Dave Sparks of Diesel Brothers posted an image of the truck and a video on his social media accounts, describing it as a “#velociraptorkiller” as a call-out to Hennessey’s 6×6 truck. But then RDBLA got a hold of it and added some more mods to it, transforming the black beast into a green tank ready to take on zombies (if it were ever to come to that)! The 6×6 also sports a set of GF22 GRID Wheels for a rugged look.

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