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Blog/Jeep Wrangler JK | GD14 | GRID Off-Road

Jeep Wrangler JK | GD14 | GRID Off-Road

Despite the Jeep Gladiator being the new kid on the block, the Wrangler will always be an icon. The Wrangler is one of those vehicles that does it all. It not only looks amazing, but also handles any terrain like a champ. When it comes to looks, the four-door version changed the game and made it a family vehicle. Although the JL is the newest model that’s currently making waves, the JK was the one that really started the mass appeal of the Wrangler.

While a stock Wrangler is okay in terms of looks, many love the fact that there are so many aftermarket parts for the Jeep. This allows numerous for owners to really personalize their Jeep in so many ways. It doesn’t matter if you prefer rugged or simply clean, a Wrangler will always look great.

This particular Wrangler Jeep JK is one mean machine! The menacing black exterior makes you take a second look. The 8″ lift kit gives it enough stance to make a statement. It rides on 24×14 GD14 GRID Off-Road wheels in a black + milled finish wrapped in some 40×15.50R24 Toyo Open Country MT tires. To give it a more comfortable ride, Fox shocks were added. The Fab Fours Grumper system provides a unique look that’s complemented by the DV8 hood and open fender system. The result is an enviable Jeep we’d all want in our driveways.

Our GD cast wheels are perfect Jeep wheels because they not only look amazing, but come in various finishes to set off whatever exterior look you’re going for. Cast wheels are perfect for everyday commutes, but will hold up when they see dirt. GRID GD wheels will definitely make your rig no matter what model it is! Check out more GD styles here!


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