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Blog/Jeep Gladiator | GD15 | GRID Off-Road

Jeep Gladiator | GD15 | GRID Off-Road

The Jeep Gladiator is quickly becoming a beloved off-roading machine and taking over the customization sphere as builders choose to upgrade the Jeep truck over the original Jeep Wrangler platform. From everyday mall crawlers to adventure rigs, Jeep Gladiator trucks are sporting some impressive mods. Take, for instance, this bad boy that sports a very rugged exterior and is ready to hit the trails for an overloading expedition. But best of all, it’s dressed with some of the best Jeep Gladiator wheels – a set of all-new GD15s.

GRID GD15 wheels are the perfect Jeep wheels because they’re stylish and durable. Available in 17×9 and 20×9, these wheels will live up to your daily commute or handle the rough terrain on a weekend ride. They come in Gloss Black w/ Milled Accents, Matte Bronze w/ Matte Black and Matte Black w/ Double Dark Tint. Any finish you get our GRID GD15s in will look AMAZING! So if you’re looking for cast wheels for a Jeep (or any rig, really), make sure you get some GRIDs. Jeep Gladiator wheels have never looked this good…!

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