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How To Choose The Best Truck Wheels

Whether you’re customizing a truck for a local or national car show or simply just a truck owner looking to revamp the look of your rig, a new set of truck wheels can really enhance the overall appeal of your truck. Accessorizing your rig is nothing new. Fixing up a truck or car is a great pastime for many and these days it’s even more popular given how many want to floss a unique ride that represents their personal preferences and styles.

The easiest truck upgrade is adding a set of aftermarket truck wheels. With so many different brands, styles, colors and more to choose from, it can be quite challenging. Many wonder how to choose best truck wheels and loose themselves in the wealth of information online. To help simplify your search, we’ve got the deets on how to choose the best wheels for your truck!

Choosing the best and right wheels for your rig from the start can actually save you money, time and unnecessary headaches. Because if you don’t choose the right wheels, you’ll end up having to replace the ones you already purchased for ones that actually fit! There are tons of different factors that you’ll need to consider when choosing the best truck wheels and here are three main things you’ll need to consider:

The Truck Wheel Size

The truck wheel size is important to think about because it will significantly impact the type of riding you’ll be able to do in your rig (this goes for truck tires, too). Let’s say you’re an avid off-roader and love to tackle rocky and rough terrain (or any extreme terrain), you’ll want a truck wheel that can hold up and some tires that are at minimum 35″ in diameter. For extreme off-roading occasions, you’ll need at least 37″ tires that have proper tread pattern for the rig to tackle. It’s good to note that any muddy terrain needs a more aggressive tire tread design or else your rig won’t perform as you’d like.

Forged Or Cast Truck Wheels

At GRID Off-Road, we offer two types of truck wheels: cast and forged. Both of our GD and GF collection off plenty of fresh styles, sizes and finishes to choose from. However, the main difference between them is price and finishes. The Forged GF truck collection from GRID has more sizes, custom finishes and are a bit more expensive. They’re perfect for those looking to showcase their ride at shows or floss on the pavement. The cast GD truck wheel collection comes in various finishes that are pretty much set as you see them on our site. Sizes are limited, but they come at a great price point for someone just looking to really change up the exterior of their truck.


For truck tires and wheels, the type of rig you drive is important when it comes to choosing the best off-road wheels. It doesn’t matter if you just commute or go off-roading, the set of truck wheels needs to be perfectly matched to the type of truck you have. At GRID Off-Road, we can help you figure that out given we have an in-house engineer on our team to help! You can contact us at for inquires and to get information on a local GRID Off-Road dealer. Currently, we only sell our GD cast line directly from our site, so if you’re looking at GRID GF forged wheels, you’ll have to go through an authorized dealer.

Check out this bad boy Chevy Silverado looking pretty dope on some GF0 GRID Off-Road truck wheels! Playing in the dirt is what makes life fun and a GMC Sierra won’t disappoint. Besides a fly set of GF0 brushed wheels, the Sierra also sports some Toyo Tires Open Country MT rubber, a 12” Bulletproof lift, King ShocksAtlas Leaf Springs and BodyGuard Bumpers. While this beast might not be a show queen, it’s the perfect rig to go out and get dirty!


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