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Blog/How To Build A Jeep Gladiator: The Basics

How To Build A Jeep Gladiator: The Basics

Jeeps are the most versatile vehicles out there! Not only are they made for adventure, but they’re also stylish and capable for everyday driving. The Jeep Wrangler has been a favorite for builders looking to create their own bespoke machines. While the Wrangler is still a popular base for many automotive enthusiasts who want to personalize their Jeep, the Gladiator is now becoming a favorite since first dropping in 2019.

With so many aftermarket options out there, it’s no surprise that the Gladiator is quickly becoming the go-to base vehicle to dress up for those seeking lots of weekend fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re into camping, off-roading or just an everyday adventure family, the Gladiator can be dressed up for just about any occasion.

Here’s some tips on how to build a Jeep Gladiator to fit your lifestyle!

What Do You Want From Your Gladiator?

Before you even start looking at products and aftermarket accessories, you’ll first want to decide what the Gladiator’s purpose will be. Do you want an all-purpose terrain monster for some serious off-roading trips? Or maybe just a fun family pickup truck you can hit the dirt in every once in a while? Will the Gladiator even see any different terrain other than pavement?

Knowing what you want from your Gladiator will help guide you dictate how you build your Jeep Gladiator. You’ll need more rugged and capable parts if you are a serious off-roader. But you’ll be able to get away with a few simple mods if you don’t plan on doing anything crazy with it.

Join Local Jeep Clubs

If you’re a noice Jeep builder and aren’t sure where to start, you’ll want to join local Jeep clubs in your area. These can be FB Jeep clubs and the like. Lining up with these specialized Jeep clubs will provide you with a ton of valuable knowledge to help you with your built. You might even find some club mates that are more than willing to help you build the Gladiator or at least have some specialized tools needed for some of the mods.

Find Inspiration

Once you have an idea of what you want your Gladiator to do, it’s now time to look for inspiration. Thanks to the web, you can find that almost anywhere. There are even tons of publications dedicated to Jeep builds where you can see what sort of mods other customizers have used on their own Jeeps. Take note of the look and parts they used for their own builds and compile a list for yourself. Even if you can’t afford the exact mods, you’ll be able to do some research to find others that fit within your price range.

Start With The Basics: Wheels & Tires

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry because there are a few basics every Jeep Gladiator has. These include wheels and tires. It’s an upgrade even those who choose not to hit the trails like to add for a bit of personal flair. It’s also an easy upgrade that doesn’t really require a lot of effort. It doesn’t matter if you plan to drive on pavement or go off-road, tires and wheels are important. Their size will impact the Gladiator’s performance in many ways. Plus, the terrain you plan to navigate needs to be taken into consideration.

33″ tires are great for occasional off-roaders, who primarily drive on payment while 35″ tires will also work well on both roads and trails, too. 37″ tires will take your Gladiator to the next level and you’ll need a lift for this tire size. 38″ tires provide an extra inch in height, but are hard to turn, so you’ll need some good horsepower behind them. They are good for off-road use, but not commuters. 40″ tires are the best for off-road use only.

Now when it comes to Jeep wheels, you’ll want to things like material, bolt pattern, rim size and width, deadlocks and offset/backspacing. Wheels are usually the first thing that people notice on your Jeep, so you want to make sure they look good and perform well.

GRID Off-Road offers a number of Jeep wheel styles to choose from! We have cast Jeep wheels in addition to forged Jeep rims. Forged wheels are made using solid aluminum which is heated to allow pressurized machines to shape the wheels. Cast wheels are made from aluminum that’s melted and poured into molds. Forged wheels are usually stronger and lighter, but they also cost more than cast wheels for trucks.

This particular Jeep Gladiator likes to hit the trails on a set of GD15 GRID Off-Road wheels. Available in 17×9 and 20×9, these cast wheels are TPMS compatible, feature vehicle-specific bolt pattern and center bore and have custom backspacing and offset. You can opt for Gloss Black w/ Milled Accents, Matte Bronze w/ Matte Black, or Matte Black w/ Double Dark Tint finishes.

You can now order a set of your own GD15s right from our site with the Buy Now option!


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