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Blog/How to Attach a Gun Rack to Your Off-Road Vehicle | GRID Off-Road

How to Attach a Gun Rack to Your Off-Road Vehicle | GRID Off-Road

Off-road vehicles are among the most fun to modify. You can make numerous changes to ride in style on any terrain. One of the most practical mods you can install is a gun rack. Hunters, survivalists and anybody who loves the outdoors could use one, and they can come in handy when you need them most.

Here’s what you need to know about gun racks and how to attach one to your off-roader.

1.     Check Your State Laws

Check your state or country’s laws about mounting gun racks onto your off-road vehicle before drilling any holes. Most states allow gun racks, but there are some things to consider. For example, you can have a gun rack in California, but you must keep the firearms unloaded. A long gun can stay on the floor or sit in one of your seats. However, handguns must remain unloaded and concealed in a container or trunk. In Florida, the law requires you to have the gun in plain sight and secure it to the vehicle. Following the rules is critical, so you stay out of trouble.

2.     Find the Best Rack

Once you’ve researched the laws, finding the best gun rack for your off-roader is next. The type you need will depend on your vehicle. The mechanism you choose for a Jeep will be different than the one you need for an ATV. Some popular gun racks include:

  • Clamp racks: Clamps are convenient if you have an ATV or a small off-roader. You can attach them wherever you need to fit your gun. They’re lightweight, so they won’t be a burden to carry. The only drawback is they’ll have a more challenging time with heavy firearms.

  • Ceiling racks: Ceiling racks are excellent if you have an off-roader with a roof. You may have an ATV with a ceiling, a Jeep or a big rig. Either way, the ceiling rack is practical because they’re easy to reach while driving, and you’ll protect your weapons from the elements. Sunlight can harm your gun, so limiting exposure will improve longevity.

  • Roll-cage rack: A roll-cage rack is the most durable option. It’s ideal if you want the guns out of the way. They’re sturdy but won’t be as easy to access as the clamp or ceiling racks.

3.     Measure Diligently and Install

You have your gun rack of choice ready to go. Now, you need to find a place on your vehicle to install it. One of your primary concerns with gun racks is convenience. For example, say you’re using your off-roader in the woods at night. Coming across a predator like a mountain lion is scary. You won’t have much time to think, so you’ll want the gun rack to be in a spot where you can quickly grab a firearm from the driver’s seat. You can keep it in the trunk for less stressful situations.

Once you’ve found a spot, it’s time for installation. You’ll want to double-check your measurements to ensure the rack will fit the way you want on your vehicle. You can’t reverse the holes once you start drilling, so get everything in order.

4.     Secure the Firearms

You must take steps for your safety and to protect others on the ride. Test your gun rack to ensure all the firearms are in there securely. The last thing you’ll want is a gun falling out of place and hitting you or somebody else on the head. Look for a rack that can lock down your firearms if security is an issue. A locking system may be what you need to protect your off-roader and guns from theft. Another action you should take is separating the ammunition from your guns. This rule of thumb is beneficial if you have children with you or people who are inexperienced with firearms. Keeping them separated will reduce the risk of someone accidentally discharging a weapon.

5.     Protect From Weather

Die-hard adventurists don’t look at the weather forecast before they head out. They’ll fire up the engines even if it’s raining, snowing or hailing. Off-roading in rough weather can be an adventure, but you still need to take care of your guns and rack. You should keep the guns away from the elements. Take preventive measures for your firearms if your off-roader’s gun rack is open-air. For example, you could weatherproof your guns by frequently oiling and using electrical tape on the muzzle.

Staying Safe in an Off-Roader

Off-roading is a hobby many enjoy, whether you drive an ATV, truck, Jeep or dirtbike. Off-road enthusiasts love modifying their prized vehicles, and one of these adjustments is adding a gun rack. Ensure you’re taking proper precautions before adding one to your off-roader.

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Author Bio: Oscar Collins is the founder and editor-in-chief at Modded, where he writes about cars, luxury topics and more. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates! 

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