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Blog/GRID x Rowen International Aggressor Kit For Jeep JL

GRID x Rowen International Aggressor Kit For Jeep JL

GRID Off-Road announces introduction of new GRID Aggressor Kit in collaboration with Japanese body kit manufacturer Rowen International. Known for their impressive cast and forged off-road wheels, GRID Off-Road is now making extraordinary body kits for Jeep Wrangler JLs. The new Aggressor Body Kit is perfect for the everyday perils of the concrete jungle. 

The Jeep Wrangler JL is an exceptional off-road vehicle on its own, and the Aggressor Body Kit only accentuates the beauty of such an off-road beast. While there are numerous rugged accessories for the JL, the Aggressor Body Kit adds a sleek and chic appearance to the beloved off-road vehicle. 

The kit includes a front under spoiler, rear under spoiler, grille with LED lights, LED fog lights, LED over fender extension (front and rear set), and roof spoiler. Enthusiasts can choose to purchase the entire body kit as a complete package, or opt to purchase each accessory individually. The complete Aggressor Body Kit costs $6,600. Check out more info on the new Jeep JL body kit from GRID & Rowen here


Rowen International is a Japanese vehicle aftermarket manufacturer, specializing in fabricating body kits and exhausts for various vehicle platforms. Established in 1998, they’ve been able to cultivate numerous followers across the globe thanks to their visually pleasing body kits that are crafted to perfection with quality materials. Rowen International aims to deliver products that provide customers with exceptional style that fuses together luxury and craftsmanship for a unique exterior look. Learn more about their products at

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