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Blog/GF-8, GF-9 & GF-10 Now Available | GRID Off-Road

GF-8, GF-9 & GF-10 Now Available | GRID Off-Road

We’re excited to announce that our GF-8, GF-9 and GF-10 forged wheel models are now available! All three styles will provide any off-road rig some extra style while still being capable to handle just about any terrain it sees. With a variety of fitments, lug applications and finishes for each, you’ve just found your next off-road wheels. You can also see what our wheels will look like on your rig using our Off-Road Builder by clicking here! Check out the info below and let us know in the comments, what rig you’d throw a set of our GF-8, GF-9 and GF-10 #GRIDOffroad wheels on!

GRID-GF-lookbook-2-GF8 GRID-GF-lookbook-3-GF9 GRID-GF-lookbook-4-GF10 GRID-GF-lookbook-5-March-8 GRID-GF-lookbook-6-spec GRID-GF-lookbook-7-gallery GRID-GF-lookbook-offraod-builder

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