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Blog/GD1 & GD2 Now Available | GRID Off-Road

GD1 & GD2 Now Available | GRID Off-Road

Looking for both stylish and functional off-road wheels? Look no further than our  GD1 GD2 cast wheels, which are now available for order! These two cast wheel styles will provide your rugged, trailblazing rig with some extra panache or ups the style ante for your street-faring custom. Each wheel features multiple lug applications, fitments and finishes to compelement a just about any rig around. And if you’re curious to see what these wheels look like on your vehicle just use our Off-Road builder by clicking here Let us know what rig you’d use either style on in the comments below!









  • Ismael miranda

    October 30, 2016at12:59 am Reply

    Hi do you ship to puerto rico im look for gd1 for a f150 2013 6×135

  • Bill Murray

    November 3, 2017at7:41 pm Reply

    I bought the GD1 wheels for my Hummer H2 earlier this year and I have re torqued them at 100 and about 600 miles after they were mounted. What is recommended if I’m on the road a lot ?

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