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Blog/Ford F-350 | GF3 | GRID Off-Road

Ford F-350 | GF3 | GRID Off-Road

The Ford F-350 is a beast! It’s a truck that means business with its powerful engine and bulky exterior looks. Because of its massive size, it’s the perfect work horse for those looking for something beefy, but it’s also the perfect tow truck given its monstrous proportions that can haul practically anything. It’s a beloved truck for any enthusiast and stands out even without any bells and whistles.

While you can certainly keep it stock and still catch stares, but if you want to really elicit envious eyes, you’ll need to go a bit further. This Ford F-350 doesn’t have show queen mods, but it definitely makes you take a second look. Sometimes the best mods are the ones that are subtle, yet still unique. With the right lift and wheels, you can transform any stock truck into something worth gawking at.

GRID GF3s were the perfect choice for this Ford F-350, helping improve it’s bold stance and exterior clean looks. The forged collection is perfect for those who want extra style and grace for their rigs. With forged wheels, you get more size options, finish options and stronger wheels. GRID Off-Road forged wheels are great for any truck, Jeep or SUV. Because this Ford F-350 doesn’t sport crazy looks, the gloss black finish was a perfect color to complement it’s clean look.

So the next time you’re looking for Ford F-350 wheels, look no further than GRID Off-Road! We have tons of Ford wheel styles to choose from, including our GF Forged rims collection and GD Cast rims line. Not sure what you’re looking for or need some help choosing, check out our Off-Road Builder to check out the off-road wheels on your rig!

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