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Blog/Ford F-250 | GF2 | GRID Off-Road

Ford F-250 | GF2 | GRID Off-Road

A towering Ford F-250 is nothing to mess with when you see it coming at you in  your rear view mirror. But one that’s lifted like this particular rig by Stryker Off-Road Designs is a beast that’ll make you switch lanes to let it pass you by. And when you do, you’ll admire it’s monstrous size and detials needed to create such a menancing rig. But this F-250 is more special than you think since it was chosen to debut Interco’s new Super Swamper Bogger tires in a new 44″ size! The Super Swamper Bogger is one of the nastiest, baddest, off-road tire on the market that’s still DOT-approved and 100% street legal. The Bogger does it all, allowing your rig to fit right at home in the mood, climbing boulders and more. These aggressive tires are now avialble in a taller size, which means a meaner stance that will make everyone recognize your greatness! Add a set of 28×16 GF2 GRID Off-Road wheels and you’ve got a bad ass look everyone will admire – even those afraid of your greatness in their rear view mirrors!

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