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Blog/Dreamworks Motorsports Ford F-250 | GF2 | GRID Off-Road

Dreamworks Motorsports Ford F-250 | GF2 | GRID Off-Road

When Dreamworks Motrosports got their hands on a Ford F-250 for Minnesota Vikings DT Linval Jospeh, they knew they had to dress it up in style! They customized it with a lift kit, custom painted GRID GF2 Brushed Blue wheels wrapped in Gladiator X-COMP M/T tire. They also addedcustom painted accents, accent Oracle lights in the wheels, exterior LEDs, Hornblasters train horns, Flowpro Exhaust, No Limit intake & ERG Apple iPad in the dash, lights under seats, custom stereo, custom-made wood grain, painted interior, custom enclosure with logo under back seats, starlight headliner, K40 Electronics radar, and a  Suntek Films window tint! 

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