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Blog/8 Rigs With Red Wheels | GRID Off-Road

8 Rigs With Red Wheels | GRID Off-Road

There’s something powerful about the color red. It can signify passion, fire, anger, love and so many more emotions and feelings. Red is a standout color for sure, which is why Ferrari Red is an iconic color for the Italian Stallion. If you want to be seen, red is the color to go with. While women might have their red bottom Loubs, men have their red finished wheels! And we’ve dressed tons of rigs with red wheels for the ultimate look! So if you’re looking for some red wheel inspiration, check out some of our fanciest and standout rigs wearing some red bottom GRIDs!

1. GF3

This lifted Chevy Suburban looks aggressive AF with its Joker red exterior against the white background and its candy red GF3 forged off-road wheels!

2. GD14

Sometimes all you need is just a touch or red to be bold. That’s what this wrapped Gladiator needed with its GD14s with just a hint of red for a neck-breaking look on the streets and trails!

3. GF6

While some prefer bold and bright red for their off-road wheels, sometimes a subtle red is better. This lifted truck benefits from some ruby red GF6s that perfectly match the exterior.

4. GF3

Shine bright with some high polished GF3s in a bright red finish that sparkles as you roll on the pavement!

5. GD1

The great thing about the GD1 cast off-road wheels is that you can change the look with some matte red inserts for a more aggressive look and feel!

6. GD4

The best way to make a white rig look anything but normal is to accentuate it with some bright red off-road wheels!

7. GD4

While some peeps like to mix and match colors when it comes to wheels and the exterior of their rig, you can never go wrong with matching off-road red wheels for a sleek look!

8. GF1

What goes better than red and white? Black and red wheels!


Red wheels will never go out of style and GRID Off-Road has you covered if you’re looking for some red bottoms for your rig! Make sure to email if you’re in the market for some new truck wheels or Jeep wheels!



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