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8 Fun Places To Go Off-Roading

We’re all about the off-road lifestyle! Heck, we make wheels for those who love off-roading, which is why it’s a passion of ours. Regardless if you have a Jeep or truck, off-roading has become increasingly popular over the years thanks to the exhilarating rush it provides drivers. Being able to travel on dirt, sand, mud, trails, back roads and more is a welcomed experience for those who are tired of pavement commutes. In fact, we believe everyone should go off-roading in their Jeep or truck at least once in their life! But trust us, once you try it, you’ll be hooked and will definitely want to dog it again and again.

So what are some fun places to go off-roading, you ask? Although there are plenty of local places to go off-roading near you, here are some of the most amazing spots to go off-roading. You’ll want to make a trip out of this off-roading locations because they’re perfect for family outings or a just some outdoor fun with your besties.

1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Texas

Texas has tons of cool spots for off-roading, but Hidden Falls Adventure Park is an amazing place to visit. The Adventure Park features 240 miles of trails for you to explore, with tons of different trails for all sorts of off-roading vehicles. Some of Hidden Falls Adventure Park trails are packed with dirt, while some are made up of rocks and other debris. Soft-dirt trails are fun for beginners, while the rocky dirt rails are perfect for off-roading veterans. Plus, the location has waterfalls and natural springs, so make sure you pack your swimwear. You can take your RV or camper, mountain bike and so much more because it’ll be an off-roading adventure you’ll never forget.

2. Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is an enchanted forest with tons of trails. It’s perfect for beginner off-roading enthusiasts as well as more experienced off-roaders. There’s really something for everyone. During your off-roading journey, you’ll experience some of nature’s most beautiful things, including rivers, beaches and a large waterfall.

3. Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho

Besides off-roading, you’ll be able to hike, fish, whitewater raft and do so much more while vacationing at Sawtooth National Recreation Area in Idaho. There’s tons of options when it comes to off-roading, including basic trails for those just starting out to tougher trails for advanced off-roaders.

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. But did you know that it’s perfect for off-roading, too. Right at the bottom of the canyon, you’ll be able to experience tons of different off-roading trails. Since it’s so popular, there are tons of guides in the area to help guide your off-roading adventures. You can even stay overnight in the canyon and bask in its beauty at night.

5. Grand Junction, Colorado

Colorado’s Grand Junction is a popular off-roading spot for good reason – it’ has tons of different terrain, trails and more so it’s an off-roader’s dream place. Play in the mud by taking the Grand Mesa trail or slip up hills on Road 29. Many love the fact that the different trails and terrain are all located pretty close to each other, allowing you to get more out of your off-roading day than any other place where you’d have to drive miles to visit a new trail.

6. Bald Eagle State Forest, Pennsylvania

If you’re out East, definitely head to Bald Eagle State Forest in Pennsylvania to experience the exceptional off-road trails. You’ll be able to go on various trails and there’s literally something for every off-roading vehicle you have. Plus, it’s home to many water trails, so you can bring your kayak along for the fun.

7. Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Georgia

Don’t let the long name intimidate you! Georgia’s Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest is amazing for those with Jeeps. it is home to 80 different Jeep trails that are perfect for newbies and advanced off-roading peeps. There are mud trails for those that like to get dirty, dirt paths for those who prefer some girt on the trails and tons of rocky trails for those who like crawling.

8. Death Valley National Park, California

If you’re out West, head to Death Valley National Park in Cali. It gets super hot in the summer, but spring is when you’ll want to go. There are more than 1,000 miles of dirt and paved roads to explore in your off-road vehicle.

These are only 8 fun places to go off-roading and there’s tons more! Let us know some of your favorite off-roading locations!

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