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6 Top Chevys On GRIDs

Chevy is a historic name in the automotive game. Their trucks are renowned for performance and load capacity – not to mention superior styling that has gotten better over the years. That’s why we love pairing our stylish wheels with Chevy Silverado trucks whenever we can! So if you’re looking for a set of Silverado wheels, look no further than GRID Off-Road! We have a vast wheel collection to suit your personal style preferences. Our forged GF collection is great for those who want ultimate customization since they are available in a various sizes and finishes. But our GD cast off-road wheels are great for the trails, streets and beyond. Here’s some off-road wheel inspo for Chevy truck lovers!

1. GF3s

2. GF2s

3. GD6s

4. GF2s

5. GD3s

6. GD6s


So which Chevy Silverado rolling on GRID Off-Road wheels in your favorite rig? If you’d like to get your own set of off-road wheels from us, simply email to find a dealer near you!



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