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Blog/6 Tips for Selling Your Off-Road Vehicle | GRID Off-Road

6 Tips for Selling Your Off-Road Vehicle | GRID Off-Road

Selling your off-road vehicle might be necessary amidst today’s economic challenges, but you should consider different offers before accepting the first one you get. Follow these six tips for selling your off-road vehicle to maximize your returns and give yourself more financial security.

1.     Do Some Prep Work

Just as a car dealership makes its display vehicles look pretty, you need to spruce up your off-road vehicle for potential buyers. Clean and vacuum the interior and make sure to remove all personal effects. Wash the exterior like you just finished a long day on the trails and do one last detail as a final touch. Just make sure you use the right chemicals and towels during this step. If your rig is in solid condition, you will also benefit from buying a vehicle history report. This document is the car’s background check, featuring its accident and repair history to assure people they’re getting a reliable vehicle. A favorable report will help you justify a higher price and attract more serious buyers.


Take Plenty of Photos

Washing and detailing your car will make it look better for the second step — photographing the product. Take your car outside to a nice-looking environment and take many pictures from multiple angles. Upwards shots from the driver’s side are the most attractive angles for vehicles, but front and rear shots are also important for capturing the car’s overall look.

You must highlight the vehicle’s special features, both inside and out. Off-road vehicles usually have some modifications that might impact their target audiences and final prices. Take a picture of each unique mod so buyers know exactly what they’re getting. One unique mod could be your GRID Off-Road wheels! Having aftermarket wheels on your rig can entice buyers. So don’t forget to add some GD cast off-road wheels or our GF forged off-road wheels to your rig before you sell it! It could make all the difference when you sell it. Or better yet, enjoy them on your rig for a while before you sell and contact a dealer near you by emailing us at!

3.     Get Exposure

Now that you have your pictures, it’s time to post them online and get exposure. If you want to sell the car to a dealership, you will have to contact the business directly and visit its used-car lot so a sales rep can inspect the vehicle in person. If you want to sell the car to a private buyer, you must place many ads on as many platforms as possible. Social media is a good start, but here are some excellent sites:

  • Autotrader
  • eBay Motors
  • com
  • CarGurus
  • TrueCar
  • Bring a Trailer

Many cars also have brand-specific websites and discussion forums where people post their used car listings. No matter what platforms you use, stay active and turn on your notifications so you can respond to offers in a timely manner.



4.     Know Your Buyers

A used car listing can attract all kinds of characters, especially in the case of an off-road vehicle. As you get in touch with potential buyers, make sure you learn their identities and why they wish to buy the car. Get their complete contact information — not just their social media username. If they seem secretive or suspicious, feel free to cut off communications and move to the next person.

In most cases, serious buyers are self-evident. Their social media accounts will look normal, respond to your messages quickly and ask thoughtful questions about the car. Best of all, they will be eager to arrange a meeting to finalize the transaction. No reasonable person wants to make the car-buying process any longer than it needs to be.

5.     Arrange a Test Drive

Every private car sale should end with a test drive. Arrange a meeting during the day in a public place — a mall parking lot or a gas station -– and bring a friend if possible. Sit in the passenger’s seat during the test drive to provide navigation assistance and driving tips, but try not to speak too much. Let them concentrate on the driving experience.

6.     Be Patient With Negotiations

As the seller, you must maintain a firm asking price early in the process. If you allow a potential buyer to push you around early on, they will try for an even more significant discount during the final negotiations. You also need to specify how you want them to give you the money. Cash payment is the best option for both parties, giving you a greater up-front reward and simplifying the transaction.

Adapt to the negotiation as you learn more about the buyer’s temperament and intentions. For example, a young and excited buyer won’t want to spend much time negotiating, so you can afford to be more rigid. A few offers might be necessary, but don’t lower your price just to be nice. After all, you’re selling your vehicle to make money. Be reasonable and friendly, not a pushover.


Get a Fair Price for Your Off-Road Vehicle

Parting ways with your off-road vehicle will be emotional, but a healthy wad of cash can ease the separation. Freshen up your car, advertise it and choose your buyers carefully to get a fair price and make the transaction financially rewarding in the long run.

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