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Blog/5 Tips for a Long-Distance Off-Roading Trip | GRID Off-Road

5 Tips for a Long-Distance Off-Roading Trip | GRID Off-Road

Off-road trips aren’t like your average family vacation. They take you into the wild, where adventure and danger hide around every corner. The excitement is even greater when you go across the country and tackle unfamiliar trails in foreign environments. Follow these five essential tips to make your long-distance off-road trip a success.

1. Prep Your Vehicle

You can start by getting your off-road vehicle ready for a long journey. This isn’t a regular day trip, so you must make some extra preparations. Perform a rudimentary inspection of the engine, transmission, fluids, and tires. You also might want to get your car detailed, so it looks nice and starts the trip with a clean slate. It’s always a good idea to add fresh off-road tires before trying out new trails, especially on a long-distance journey. Your current tires might not be able to handle the entire trip. Consider adding other accessories, such as brush bars and extra lights, if you don’t have them. And don’t forget about the off-road wheels from GRID. a fresh set of GRID Off-Road cast or forged wheels will add a bit of flair and style to our rig’s look and make the trek even better. We offer a vast array of truck wheels, Jeep wheels or SUV wheels and feature plenty of styles to choose from. Go off the grid in style with a new set of off-road wheels from GRID! Contact us at to locate a dealer near you.

GRID Off-Road GD15 wheels

2. Study the Terrain

You probably have a few off-roading destinations in mind, but they must match your expertise level. Never bite off more than you can chew. You can take things easy with green unpaved roads or try a unique environment like muddy mountain trails or sand dunes. Whatever the case, you must study the routes carefully before driving them. Extended trips usually take you through multiple off-road conditions, so be prepared to encounter something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone – within reason – is the only way to improve your skills and confidence. Look for destinations with scenic views and other outdoor activities to make your trip more fun.

You also need to find the most optimal travel routes. Many popular off-road trails are in remote areas with only a few paved roads nearby and maybe one highway. Most of these highways also have toll stations, with different rates for larger vehicles or busy travel seasons. Remember to account for these man-made obstacles, not just the ones on the trails.

3. Stock Up on Supplies

All outdoor adventures are dangerous to some degree. When you add a car to the mix, the potential for disaster increases, you must stock your vehicle with emergency supplies, starting with the basics. A first aid kit, extra clothes, and a different communication device are non-negotiables. There’s a good chance you will encounter at least one car issue on the trip. Hopefully, it’s something simple like a flat tire, but don’t test your luck. Bring these tools so you can get out of every sticky situation:

  • Tire changing/patching kit
  • Air compressor
  • Electric winch
  • Recovery boards

Some off-roaders even bring a complete mechanic’s tool kit on the trail. These items might add some weight to your vehicle, but safety is more important than performance. You’ll be able to drive stress-free with more resources at your disposal.

GRID Off-Road cast GD12 wheels

4. Keep an Eye on the Weather

It’s easy to account for the weather on a day trip, but long-distance journeys are harder to predict., so that’s why you should also keep an extra close eye on the weather forecast throughout your trip. Rain or snow shouldn’t stop you from hitting the trails, but you still need to take extra precautions with your vehicle and drive more carefully. When inclement weather strikes, visibility and traction can decrease dramatically. It’s so important to prep your vehicle with new tires, lights, and other features before the trip. You won’t have the time or tools to make these adjustments on the trails. Save yourself the trouble and prepare for all weather conditions.

5. Drive More Conservatively

You might be accustomed to your trails back home, but you’re driving in new territory now. You don’t know the small intricacies of the trails, so you can’t take the same risks. Don’t drive like a knucklehead. Follow the trails at a reasonable speed and try to soak up as much knowledge of the terrain as possible. You also have to drive conservatively to avoid angering the locals. There’s nothing off-roaders hate more than out-of-towners causing a scene. You’re a guest, so you need to act like it. Besides, going hard on the first few trails doesn’t make much sense. You’ll wear yourself out and your vehicle will need more repairs. Pace yourself.

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Broaden Your Off-Roading Horizons

A long-distance trip is the best way to broaden your off-roading horizons. You’ll get to navigate new terrain, test your vehicle’s limits, and develop your driving skills. Most importantly, you’ll see some breathtaking views and experience the wilderness in all its chaotic glory. Get out there and enjoy!

Author Bio: Oscar Collins is the founder and editor-in-chief at Modded, where he writes about cars, luxury topics and more. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates! 

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