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Blog/5 New Mods Your Truck Needs In 2023 | GRID Off-Road

5 New Mods Your Truck Needs In 2023 | GRID Off-Road

Don’t let 2023 be the year you skip out on having the truck of your dreams! Owning a truck is so much more than just using it for work or to tow things; it’s also about gearing it with mods and accessories that match your style and preferences. The good thing about trucks is that they are specifically designed for versatility, which means being able to equip it with various mods to enhance power, safety, looks, comfort and so much more!

So whether you’re all about hitting the show circuits or more about taking to the trails on weekends, we’ve compiled a list of some top aftermarket mods you’ll want to add to your truck in 2023!

1. New Tires

Ditch the factory tires on your truck and upgrade to some new rubber! But before you do, you’ll want to figure out what sort of trekking you’ll want to do in your truck. There are various types of tires available for trucks these days and each type is made for a certain type of terrain. Not sure what you want? You can never go wrong with some all-terrain tires that will take your truck’s off-road capabilities to new heights. All-terrain tires are made for durability so that your truck can easily handle both dirt and pavement easily. Plus, these tires are designed to last a while (depending on usage, of course).

2. New Wheels

Once you’ve figured out what new tires you’ll want to add for 2023, it’s time to upgrade your truck’s wheels with some aftermarket GRID Off-Road wheels! The great thing about off-road truck wheels is that you can add in some of your individual style with the type of wheel you choose. Whether it’s a forged off-road wheel or cast off-road wheel, GRID has something for every preference and like. You’ll definitely see something that catches your eye when browsing our vast collection of cast and forged wheels. Heighten the look of your rig in 2023 with a new set of GRID Off-Road wheels! You can purchase your set of GD cast off-road wheels by emailing us at to find a dealer near you!

3. Lift Kit

Give your truck some added height with a lift kit! Investing in a lift kit provides a higher ground clearance in addition to more tire configurations. Plus, a higher truck gets noticed so if you’re building a show queen, you’ll definitely want some height to be seen. And you don’t even need anything too extreme, either! It really all depends on the type of look you’re going for with your truck.

4. LED Lights

Looking good during the day is one thing, but looking good at night means you’ll need to upgrade your truck’s lighting with LED lights. There are various aftermarket LED light packages that’ll make your truck shine at night, but the easiest addition are LED light bars that will help better illuminate your surroundings so that you don’t have any visibility problems when out on your rugged adventures. And, they can be customized with an array of different colors to really stand out at night.

5. Heavy-Duty Hitch

Your truck might already come with a hitch, but if you’re serious about your weekend toys, you might want to upgrade to a heavy-duty aftermarket hitch. Whether you’re towing a boat, UTV, trailer or more, you’ll need a story hitch that’ll tow all sorts of things. It’s actually one of the most useful truck mods to purchase in 2023!

Of course, these are only a few aftermarket enhancements you can add to your truck to really make it your own. But if we had to choose at least one mod for the year, it’ll definitely be to add a set of GRID Off-Road wheels to your truck.

So what new upgrades and mods will you add to your rig in 2023?!

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