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Blog/5 New Mods Your Rig Needs In 2022

5 New Mods Your Rig Needs In 2022

New Year, new rig goals, right?

Don’t just make some New Year’s resolutions to help better yourself and start to think about how you can make your dream rig come true in 2022!  After all, it’s your main means of transportation and takes you everywhere you go, so why not do it in style…

If your rig needs a makeover in 2022, here are a few new truck, SUV, Bronco and Jeep mods you might want to consider in order to really floss your style and rig in the new year!

1. A New Set of Wheels

The easiest way to upgrade your rig in the new year. You can personalize your individual style with the wheel style you choose, the fitment and even finish of the off-road wheel. And with so many options from GRID Off-Road, you’ll definitely find something you love for your rig in 2022! We offer both forged off-road wheels and cast off-road wheels and both feature tons of styles to choose from…it all really depends on the style you love. Heighten the look of your rig in 2022 with a new set of GRID Off-Road wheels! You can purchase your set of GD cast off-road wheels by emailing us at to find a dealer near you!

2. New Tires

To complement your new GRID Off-Road wheels,  you’ll also want to get some new tires! This isn’t just for looks, but essential if you want to do some actual off-roading in your rig! Some new rubber will not only transform the way your rig handles on various terrain and in different weather condition, but it’ll also enhance its performance and handling.

3. Tinted Windows

One of the easiest upgrades to get in 2022 is to have tinted windows. It’s a pretty cheap upgrade that can make a difference in how your rig looks and how comfortable you are in it while driving. Opting for a quality tint for your rig will block heat from the sun, so that you stay cooler when driving. It’ll also protect your car’s interior from fading in the sun.

4. Suspension

If you’re trying to off-road more in your rig in 2022, you’ll definitely want to change your suspension. It’s also one of the first mods many do to change their stock vehicle into an aggressive beast! Aftermarket suspension companies focus on increasing a rig’s off-road abilities and have created a number of upgradable packages for your needs. Suspension can also mean a lift kit for a towering look and feel!

5. Exterior Mods

Fixing up your mall crawler or off-road beast is personal, especially when it comes to the wheels and body protection (or exterior mods). Armor for your vehicle isn’t just to protect it from the trials, but can really enhance the look and feel of your rig. Adding new front and/or rear bumpers, doors, hoods, winches and the like will definitely set your rig apart from others like it in 2022!


So what new upgrades and mods will you add to your rig in 2022?!

And we’d like to wish all of our customers and fans a Happy New Year!


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