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Blog/3 Unique Rigs On GRID Off-Road Wheels

3 Unique Rigs On GRID Off-Road Wheels

While we love seeing the usual lifted truck or Jeep on GRIDs, we definitely enjoy catching some unique rigs on our forged and cast wheels, too. Unique builds are the ones that make you say “Wow” and really leave an impression. While we’ve outfitted tons of trucks and Jeeps, we have a few favorites for sure. Here are some highly unique rides flossing a set of GRID Off-Road Wheels. Let us know which one is your fave!

1. Cadillac Chevy

Is it a Cadillac or Chevy? Actually it’s both! this Chevy lifted truck sports a unique Cadillac Escalade front-end conversion that really makes you do a double take. Plus, it rides on a set of forged GF6 GRIDs for some added flair.

2. Lamborghini LM002

Did you now the Lamborghini made a truck? Yeah, we didn’t either before we caught wind of this classic LM002! The vintage ride is rare and unique, built for the dirt instead of the track. This unique rig also benefits from some GF8 forged GRID Off-road wheels.

3. DJ Marshmellow’s Ford 6×6

Superstar DJ Marshmallow likes rugged things and his 6×6 Ford looks super tough thanks to some GF22 GRID Off-Road wheels in addition to a custom exterior.

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