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Blog/2016 DUB Show Tour LA | GRID Off-Road

2016 DUB Show Tour LA | GRID Off-Road

The big rig scene has blown up with lifted trucks and Jeeps really popular at the moment and that was prevelant at the LA stop of the 2016 DUB Show Tour. Held on July 10th at the LA Conention Center, the show had a huge variety of rides, including loads of trucks and Jeeps tricked out with all sorts of mods. The GRID Off-Road booth had its fair share of rugged eye candy, including a Ford F-350 on GD4s in brushed red, the Bulletproof Suspension’s “Cadi-Max,” ANZOUsa’s blacked-out Toyota Tundra, Hummer Humvee by Elitist Motorsports and the a Benz G63 AMG lifted on GD6s in a matte bronze finish that was a fan favorite! Peep out the pics below and let us know which ride was your favorite!

Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(25)  Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(16) Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(17) Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(18) Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(34) Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(41) Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(42) Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(43) Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(54) Savini-DUB-Show-2016-(55)

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